Hawtio v3

Hawtio is a lightweight and modular Web console for managing Java applications.

V3 is a complete reimplementation of Hawtio console UI with React and PatternFly v4. It enables us to keep up with the latest UI technologies and security updates, but more importantly, it aims to remove barriers to contributions from the community sensitive to new technologies.

hawtio console


One of Hawtio’s defining features is its plugin architecture. In addition to the essential JMX functionality, the highly popular Apache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ Artemis [1] plugins are provided from the outset.

If you don’t find a plugin you want to use, you can easily extend the plugin yourself.

See Plugins for more information on the available plugins and how you can develop your own plugin.

The projects

Hawtio v3 is composed of the following projects:

  • Hawtio React NPM package

  • Hawtio (Standalone)

Hawtio React

This NPM project is the frontend UI part of the Hawtio console. It is implemented with React and PatternFly, and published to the NPM registry as @hawtio/react.

The built-in plugins are hosted in the project.

Hawtio (Standalone)

This Java project assembles Hawtio React with the Java backend to offer the distributions you can use as the Hawtio console.

The Java backend proxies the communication between the frontend and Jolokia endpoints. It provides several API endpoints to support authentication and security on Java, and custom MBeans to enable the frontend plugins. It also implements the runtimes support so that the console can be embedded into the supported runtimes such as Quarkus and Spring Boot.

1. Artemis plugin is provided only with the Artemis broker management console. It is developed by the Artemis project.