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A modular web console for managing your Java stuff

Modular architecture

Hawtio is a pluggable Web management console, built with the modern Web technologies such as React and PatternFly.

The pluggable architecture is based on Webpack Module Federation and highly extensible; you can dynamically extend Hawtio with your own plugins or automatically discover plugins inside the JVM.


Hawtio has built-in plugins already to make it highly useful out of the box for your JVM application.

The plugins include: Apache Camel, Connect, JMX, Logs, Runtime, Quartz, and Spring Boot.

Small footprint

The only server side dependency (other than the static HTML/CSS/JS/images) is the excellent Jolokia library which is available as a JVM agent, embedded as a Servlet inside hawtio-default.war, or can be deployed as an OSGi bundle.

Slick user experience

Hawtio is baked with PatternFly, a UI framework for enterprise web applications.

The stylish UI won't let you get bored with the management operations on JVM applications!

For microservices

Hawtio is primarily designed to be used with Quarkus and Spring Boot. It's the tool for managing microservice applications.

Cloud ready

Hawtio is cloud-native; it's ready to go over the cloud!

You can deploy it to Kubernetes and OpenShift with Hawtio Online.

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