This is the documentation for Hawtio v3. The old Hawtio v2 documentation is archived here: https://hawtio-v2.surge.sh/docs/

Hawtio v3

If you want to know what Hawtio v3 is, read this first.

Supported Versions

Check this page for the supported version matrix table of dependent technologies and components for each Hawtio version.

Get Started

Read the getting started guide to find out how to download and install Hawtio in your own environment.

Using Hawtio


Read up on how to configure Hawtio in various environments, such as configuring security and where Hawtio stores stuff.


Read an overview of the plugins available in Hawtio, including server-side and external dynamic plugins.

Keycloak Integration

Read up on how you can integrate Hawtio with Keycloak on various application containers.

Using Hawtio on Kubernetes/OpenShift


Read this page if you want to deploy Hawtio on OpenShift.


Read this page if you want to deploy Hawtio on Kubernetes.

Creating a Hawtio user for Form authentication

This page explains how you can create a user when using Hawtio Online with the form-based authentication.

Generating Certificates Manually

This page explains how you can manually generate the required certificates on your own.


This page explains how RBAC works in Hawtio Online.


Read this page if you want to develop Hawtio Online.

General Docs


Read commonly asked questions about the Hawtio project, including solutions to common problems getting started with Hawtio.


View the latest release details.

Contributor Guide

Read how to get started building Hawtio and work with the code.


Releasing Hawtio

Link to the doc for how to release Hawtio.