You must have the following tools installed:


$ yarn install


In order to authenticate and obtain OAuth access tokens for the Hawtio console be authorized to watch for hawtio-enabled [1] applications deployed in your cluster, you have to create an OAuth client that matches localhost development URLs.

Cluster mode

$ oc create -f oauthclient.yml

See OAuth Clients for more information.

Namespace mode

$ oc create -f serviceaccount.yml

See Service Accounts as OAuth Clients for more information.


Cluster mode

$ yarn start --master=`oc whoami --show-server` --mode=cluster

Namespace mode

$ yarn start --master=`oc whoami --show-server` --mode=namespace --namespace=`oc project -q`

You can access the console at http://localhost:2772/.

Disable Jolokia authentication for deployments (dev only)

In order for a local hawtio-online to detect the hawtio-enabled applications, each application container needs to be configured with the following environment variables:


The following script lets you apply the above environment variables to all the deployments with a label provider=fabric8 in a batch:

$ ./scripts/

1. Containers with a configured port named jolokia and that exposes the Jolokia API.