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Documentation (2.x)

Overview of 2.x
Hawtio 2.x has been decoupled into separate bower components and uses the latest bootstrap so its really easy to reuse on any project.

Documentation (1.x)

Getting Started
Read the getting started guide to find out how to download and install hawtio in your own environment.
Configuration Guide
Read up on how to configure hawtio in various environments, such as configuring security and where hawtio stores stuff.
Read commonly asked questions about the hawtio project, including solutions to common problems getting started with hawtio.
Change Log
View the latest release details.
Read an overview of the plugins available in hawtio, including server-side and external dynamic plugins.
Read how to get started building hawtio and work with the code
Demos & Articles
Watch recorded screencasts and presentations about hawtio and read articles written by hawtio developers and users.