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The wiki plugin implements a wiki for viewing, creating and editing text files (Markdown, HTML, XML, property files, JSON) which are then versioned and stored in a git repository.

  • screenshot

    viewing the wiki

  • you can browse files by clicking on them in the directory listing view
  • go up directory levels using the tabs
  • when viewing a file you can see its git history (the History button top right), then you can compare versions or revert to an old version
  • editing files uses a syntax highlighter for most common file types like HTML, markdown, JSON, XML, property files, Java, Scala etc.
  • the wiki plugin reuses the github convention, that if a directory contains a file called ReadMe.md or ReadMe.html then it is shown below the directory listing.
How the configuration works

The default configuration repository for the wiki is hawtio-config on github but you can configure hawtio to use whatever configuration directory or remote git repository you wish.