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The dashboard plugin lets you view, create and modify dashboards of widgets for displaying real time metrics, diagrams or metrics.

  • screenshot
    Sample dashboard
  • you can drag the windows around on a dashboard to align them however you wish
  • click the edit icon next to a dashboard or window name to edit the title
  • click the Edit link (top right of the dashboard page) to be able to copy/delete dashboards
  • to add new content to a dashboard click the share icon icon on the top right of a view (such as when viewing the JMX tab to show attributes or charts).
  • screenshot
    JMX page
Adding your plugin views to the dashboard

Any partial HTML page loaded via the hawtio plugin mechanism should be usable as a widget inside a dashboard.

Here are some developer guides on how to make nicely behaving views for inclusion into a dashboard rectangle:

  • when adding your view to the angularjs routing mechanism (e.g like in this use of $routeProvider.when() in the log plugin then only add the templateUri parameter and put the ng-controller (or directives) inside the HTML partial. This makes it easy for the dashboard to just perform an ngInclude for your page.
  • if you use any jQuery navigation, good behaving pages use relative locations to the angularjs controller (e.g. using $element in the controller / directive) rather than global lookups by ID with jQuery. If you use global ID lookups, then your page won't work if its included into 2 rectangles on a dashboard at the same time :). e.g. here is how the JMX chart controller uses $element to find where to draw the charts
  • until 1.1, we don't yet support $routeParams injection though we will hopefully be fixing that soon!
  • any questions on how to allow your view to be added to the dashboard or to get it working on a dashboard, join the community - we'll be glad to help!
How the configuration works

The default configuration repository for the dashboards is hawtio-config on github but you can configure hawtio to use whatever configuration directory or remote git repository you wish.

We'd love it if you contribute any nice cool dashboards you may have created so we can share them with others! Just fork the hawtio-config repository on github and submit a pull request; or maintain your own public repo!