TO BE UPDATED: This document still refers to old v1 information that needs to be updated

hawtio is highly modular with lots of plugins (see below). After you have deployed hawtio into a container, as you add and remove new services to your JVM, the hawtio console updates in real time.

For more details see the Configuration Guide and How Plugins Work.

Included Plugins

The following plugins are all included by default in hawtio-web.war. You can see the source for the all default plugins here.

Plugin Description Source
api This plugin supports viewing the APIs of WSDL and WADL documents on Apache CXF based web service endpoints api
activemq Adds support for Apache ActiveMQ. Lets you browse broker statistics, create queues/topcs, browse queues, send messages and visualise subscription and network information activemq
camel Adds support for Apache Camel. Lets you browse CamelContexts, routes, endpoints. Visualise running routes and their metrics. Create endpoints. Send messages. Trace message flows, as well profile routes to identifiy which parts runs fast or slow. camel
camin The camin plugin is used to render Gantt sequence diagrams of Apache Camel routes. camin
core Provides the core plugin mechanisms. core
dashboard Provides some default dashboards for viewing graphs, metrics and other widgets on a customisable tabbed view. You can create your own dashboards; they are stored and versioned as JSON files in a git repository so that you can easily share them on github. The default configuration repository is here dashboard
diagnostics The diagnostics plugin allow you to control the Java Flight Recorder, see class histogram and access to JVM flags. diagnostics
dozer The Dozer plugin adds editing support for the Dozer data mapping library which can be used with Apache Camel dozer
elasticsearch The elasticsearch plugin allows to connect to an ElasticSearch server and perform queries to retrieve documents from indices. elasticsearch
fabric Adds support for Fuse Fabric such as to view profiles, versions and containers in your fabric and view/edit the profile configuration in git. fabric
git Provides the HTML5 front end to the back end git repository used to store configuration and files in plugins such as dashboard and wiki. Uses the GitFacadeMXBean from the hawtio-git module git
health Adds support for Health MBeans so its easy to see the health of systems which support them (such as Apache ActiveMQ and Fuse Fabric) health
infinispan Adds support for Infinispan so you can visualise the caches you have and see their metrics. infinispan
insight This plugin provides a number of views for provising insight into a Fuse Fabric using ElasticSearch to query data for logs, metrics or historic Camel messages. insight
jboss Adds support for JBoss Application Server, or JBoss WildFly such as viewing, starting, stopping, refreshing web applications, view connectors and JMX etc. jboss
jclouds Adds support for jclouds so you can view your cloud resources and start, stop and restart your compute nodes etc. jclouds
jetty Adds support for Jetty such as viewing, starting, stopping, refreshing web applications, view connectors and JMX etc. jetty
jmx Provides the core JMX support for interacting with MBeans, viewing real time attributes, charting and invoking operations. jmx
junit Adds support for running JUnit tests from within hawtio. junit
jvm The jvm plugin allows you to connect to local or remote JVMs, and as well install the Jolokia JVM agent into the JVMs. jvm
karaf Adds support for Apache Karaf so you can browse features, bundles, services and configuration. karaf
log Provides support for visualising the logs inside the JVM along with linking log statements to the source code which generates them. Hawt! log
maven Lets you query maven repositories for artifacts; then see the available versions, javadoc and source. maven
openejb Adds support for Apache OpenEJB openejb
osgi Provides support for OSGi containers such as Apache Karaf using the standard OSGi management hooks. osgi
quartz Lets you view and manage Quartz Schedulers, such as adjusting triggers at runtime. quartz
runtime General overview of the Java process including command line, system properties and key metrics. runtime
source Used by the log plugin to view the source code of any file in a maven source artefact using the maven coordinates, class name / file name and line number. source
springBoot Spring Boot plugin to show information about the Spring Boot application. source
threads Provides support for viewing the threads running in the JVM. threads
tomcat Adds support for Apache Tomcat and Apache TomEE such as viewing, starting, stopping, refreshing applications, view connectors, sessions, and JMX etc. tomcat
wiki Provides a git based wiki for viewing, creating and editing text files (Markdown, HTML, XML, property files, JSON) which are then versioned and stored in a git repository wiki

Developer plugins

The following plugins are intended for use by hawtio plugin developers.

Plugin Description Source
branding The branding plugin applies an extra branding stylesheet depending on the version and type of server hawtio is running in. branding
datatable This plugin provides a programming API similar to ng-grid for writing table/grids in angularjs but uses jQuery DataTables as the underlying implementation. datatable
forcegraph The force graph plugin adds a directive to hawtio that allows en easy and customizable way of displaying graph data as a D3 forced graph. forcegraph
forms This plugin provides an easy way, given a JSON Schema model of generating a form with 2 way binding to some JSON data. forms
ide This plugin provides a directive for linking to source code in your IDE. Currently only IDEA supported ide
perspective The perspective plugin makes it easy to define different perspectives which affect which top level nav bars appear in hawtio so that it can behave in different ways for different kinds of users. perspective
tree This plugin provides a simple HTML directive for working with jQuery DynaTree widgets from AngularJS tree
ui Provides various AngularJS directives for custom widgets ui

Server Side Plugins

Server side Java based plugins can be deployed to add new behaviour to your hawtio console.

Server Side Plugin Distribution Description Source
fabric-core JBoss A-MQ 6.1, JBoss Fuse 6.1 and fabric8 distros Provides support for the fabric plugin and adds an MBean for accessing the OSGi MetaType metadata for generating nicer OSGi Config Admin forms in the osgi plugin. source
hawtio-aether hawtio-default.war Used by the maven plugin to resolve dependency trees source
hawtio-git hawtio-web.war Supports the wiki plugin and allows the dashboard plugin to load/save/store and version dashboard configurations. source
hawtio-json-schema-mbean hawtio-default.war Provides introspection and JSON Schema lookup of beans which is used for the fabric plugin and is needed for the Dozer editor in the wiki source
hawtio-local-jvm-mbean hawtio-default.war Provides 'jconsole-like' discovery of all JVMs on the same machine as the JVM so that the jvm plugin can easily connect to any local JVMs source
hawtio-ide hawtio-default.war Server side code for the ide plugin source
hawtio-maven-indexer hawtio-default.war Required for the maven plugin so that it can download and quickly search maven central for artifacts. source
insight-log JBoss A-MQ, JBoss Fuse and fabric8 distros Karaf based plugin which is required for the log plugin to query logs. source
insight-log4j A log4j based plugin required for the log plugin to query logs. source

External plugins

Plugin Description Source
simple-plugin A very simple hello world plugin implemented as a separate plugin simple-plugin
custom-perspective A simple plugin that edits hawtio's default perspective definition, used to show or hide tabs and group tabs into different perspectives, implemented as a separate plugin custom-perspective
hawtio-karaf-terminal A terminal plugin brought over from Apache Felix that uses Ajax term in the front-end to implement a terminal in hawtio when it's running in an Apache Karaf based container. hawtio-karaf-terminal
insight-kibana3 A hawtio plugin that embeds the kibana3 frontend for Elastic Search into hawtio. Source link is to the plugin definition, had to tell hawtio where to find all of kibana3's javascript files in the pom.xml insight-kibana3
insight-eshead A plugin that embeds the ESHead elastic search frontend into hawtio, source link points to the hawtio specific stuff insight-eshead
insight-eshead A plugin that embeds the ESHead elastic search frontend into hawtio, source link points to the hawtio specific stuff

If you create a new external plugin to hawtio please fork this repository, update this file to add a link to your plugin and submit a pull request.