TO BE UPDATED: This document still refers to old v1 information that needs to be updated

This document tries to give some hints and tips on how to make common UI stuff

Its handy to have popups with detailed views, confirmation dialogs or wizards.

Here's a quick and easy way to make them in hawtio:

This also means you only have to come up with 1 name per dialog - the name of the dialog object - rather than naming the various flags/options/open/close methods :)

Grids / Tables

We have 2 implementations currentl, ng-grid which has a really nice directive and angular way of working with it; check it out for the documentation on how to make a grid.

We've also got a datatable plugin which provides a directive and API to ng-grid but uses the underlying jQuery DataTable widget until ng-grid is as fast and solves all the same use cases.