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How to contribute

We love contributions! We really need your help to make hawtio even more hawt, so please join our community!

Many thanks to all of our existing contributors! But we're greedy, we want more! hawtio is hawt, but it can be hawter! :). We have lots of plugins but they can be improved and we want more plugins!

Here's some notes to help you get started:

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have a GitHub account as you'll need it to submit issues, comments or pull requests.
  • Got any ideas for how we can improve hawtio? Please submit an issue with your thoughts. Constructive criticism is always greatly appreciated!
  • Fancy submitting any nice screenshots of how you're using hawtio? A quick Youtube screencast would be even hawter or a blog post/article we can link to? Just submit an issue (or fork and patch the website or any Markdown docs in our repository directly) and we'll merge it into our website.
  • Fancy submitting your cool new dashboard configuration or some wiki docs? See below on how to do that…
  • Search our issue tracker and see if there's been any ideas or issues reported for what you had in mind; if so please join the conversation in the comments.
  • Submit any issues, feature requests or improvement ideas our issue tracker.
    • Clearly describe the issue including steps to reproduce when it is a bug.
    • Make sure you fill in the earliest version that you know has the issue.

Fancy hacking some code?

  • If you fancy working on some code, check out the these lists of issues:

    • open apprentice tasks - which are moderately easy to fix and tend to have links to which bits of the code to look at to fix it or
    • all open issues if you fancy being more adventurous.
    • hawt ideas if you're feeling like a ninja and fancy tackling our harder issues that tend to add really hawt new features!
  • To make code changes, fork the repository on GitHub then you can hack on the code. We love any contribution such as:

    • fixing typos
    • improving the documentation or embedded help
    • writing new test cases or improve existing ones
    • adding new features
    • improving the layout / design / CSS
    • creating a new plugin

Submitting changes to hawtio

  • Push your changes to your fork of the hawtio repository.
  • Submit a pull request to the repository in the hawtio organization.
  • If your change references an existing issue then use “fixes #123” in the commit message (using the correct issue number ;).

Submitting changes dashboard and wiki content

Hawtio uses the hawtio-config repository to host its runtime configuration. When you startup hawtio by default it will clone this repository to the configuration directory (see the configuration document or more detail).

In development mode if you are running hawtio via the hawtio-web directory, then your local clone of the hawtio-config repository will be in the hawtio/hawtio-web/hawtio-config directory. If you've added some cool new dashboard or editted any files via the hawtio user interface then your changes will be committed locally in this directory.

If you are a committer and want to submit any changes back just type:

cd hawtio-config
git push

Otherwise if you want to submit pull requests for your new dashboard or wiki content then fork the hawtio-config repository then update your hawtio-config directory to point to this directory. e.g. edit the hawtio-config/.git/config file to point to your forked repository.

Now perform a git push as above and then submit a pull request on your forked repo.

Additional Resources